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Privacy Statement

A fundamental view

Eclatorq is safe and places quality, environment and legal compliance in an important point policy of the management and aims at getting society, a visitor, trust and the satisfaction of the employee by superior technology, a product made in article, service. About the personal information, I respect the importance, and, based on a privacy policy to set below, all the employees wrestle with the protection of the privacy policy in solidarity. In addition, I carry out thorough security management by supervision / guidance based on the contract that is appropriate for the duties trust and give up.

About personal information

It is defined as "thing (Personal Information Protection Law Article 2 Clause 1) which can distinguish an authorized individual by other descriptions on a full name, the date of birth it is information about a living individual, and to be included in the information concerned" with "the personal information". When it says intelligibly, it is the information that can identify a name or address, a certain individual such as the e-mail address.

About the collection of personal information

Eclatorq is aimed for various Quality of Service improvement that we offer and smooth administration, and there is a case to collect the personal information of the visitor. It deals with the gleanings within the use purpose that I announced at the time of collection in clear statement or we Web site adequately

About the management of the personal information

The personal information that I collected from a visitor is based on office official regulations about the information security that we establish separately and manages it severely and tries for prevention such as a leak, diversion, manipulation, loss, the destruction. In addition, it does not do the personal information that it collected to disclose to the third person unless it falls below.

* When there is the agreement of the visitor
* When it is necessary to disclose personal information to carry out a Eclatorq group company, a tie-up company and the collection purpose that I stated clearly to a visitor for duties bond-issuing company
* When it is based on laws and ordinances. Or when I received a request with the legal obligation from the administration
* In addition, when I need emergency to protect human life and human rights and when it is difficult to obtain the person himself's consent

About disclosure / a correction / the deletion of the personal information

I do the correspondence that is appropriate in a rational range after having confirmed that the request depends on the visitor person himself when I received the disclosure of the personal information that I offered from the visitor who had you offer personal information, a correction, a request of the deletion.


This privacy policy revises it. In that case, I notify you of it through a Web site. About the inquiry about the personal information of the visitor, please see him to reference or we visitor window which I stated clearly when I collect personal information.

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